Our core values include:


  • We are bold enough to tackle the meaningful challenges we set for ourselves
  • We will continuously attract and enable leaders that foster change
  • We will walk our talk to deliver unparalleled results and impact for our


  • We follow high and strict standards of honesty and business ethics
  • We will always work hard and transparently to earn the trust of our partners
  • We will always serve as the most reliable investment partner with world-class standards in Africa


  • We will always provide high quality products designed and produced by world-class engineers
  • We use leading edge technology to provide sustainable solutions to the problems we tackle
  • We will revolutionize business practices to transform Africa


  • It takes talent to solve one of the biggest challenges in modern world. We will recognize and award talent based on their contribution
  • We will be a meritocracy of ideas: all ideas shall be scrutinized in search for truth and clear understanding of the market we operate in
  • We will encourage our teams to continuously explore innovative, cutting-edge solutions to the problems we seek to solve